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Cattleya fournieri

Cattleya fournieri
I bought this as Laelia lucasiana fournieri. Now I know thats incorrect, so can anyone confirm that this is Cattleya fournieri. I think the seller may not have known if the plant was lucasiana or fournieri, so labelled it as both. If I am correct lucasiana is pink.

Cattleya fournieri

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Cattleya fournieri

Hi Dave,

I believe that your photo is what Cassio van den Berg would recognise as Cattleya fournieri.

In the past, this taxon has been considered a variety of Laelia longipes Rchb.f. (1863) [L. longipes var. fournieri Cogn. (1897)] but is now recognised as a distinct species in its own right.

Carl Withner (1990) seemed to have treated L. lucasiana Rolfe (1893) as a distinct species but it was merely a variant of L. longipes [L. longipes var. lucasiana (Rolfe) Schltr. (1917)].

That may explain why you have the name Laelia lucasiana var. fournieri on your original label - even though it was not validly published.

As for the name, this orchid has gone under a several generic names during recent times:-
Sophronitis fournieri (Cogn.) Van den Berg & M.W.Chase (2000)
Hoffmannseggella fournieri (Cogn.) V.P.Castro & Cniron (2002)
Cattleya fournieri (Cogn.) Van den Berg (2008).

My preference is for Hoffmannseggella fournieri, although admittedly it’s a bit of a tongue-twister!

The Kew World Checklist takes the easy way out and lumps it in with Cattleya and accepts it as C. fournieri.

Hope that helps.


Carl Withner, The Cattleyas and Their Relatives Vol. 2. The Laelias, 1990.
Guy Chiron & Vitorino Castro Neto, "Révision des espèces Brésiliennes du genre Laelia Lindley." Richardiana, 2002.


Hi Gary,
Thanks for your comments, my research led me to Cattleya fournieri, I just needed some comfirmation on its ID. I will now edit the post.