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Paphiopedilum Leeanum

Paphiopedilum Leeanum
Paphiopedilum insigne X Paphiopedilum spicerianum
registered 1884

Thanks Gary for the positive ID.

Paphiopedilum Leeanum

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Paphiopedilum Leeanum

Hi Vincent,

I believe that your photograph is of an old primary hybrid Paphiopedilum Leeanum (Paph. insigne x Paph. spicerianum) registered by Lawrence in 1884, rather than Paph. spicerianum.

You can see the some fine purple speckles or spots on the dorsal sepal and also the dorsal is flatter, which comes from the Paph. insigne parent. Paph. insigne has also supressed the dark red-purple central vein in the dorsal sepal and altered the shape of the staminode which are distinctive characteristics of Paph. spicerianum.

Reference: RHS International Orchid Register

Hope that helps.