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Caleana major

Caleana major
Australian Native terrestrial species

Tribe: Diurideae
Subtribe: Drakaeinae
Genus: Caleana

The Flying Duck Orchid
Unique species that that attract male sawflies for pollination, the flowers close the 'duck head' to trap the insect, then the flower releases the insect making it 'catch' the pollen on itself.
Flowers last for a couple of months.

Caleana major

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Great images.

They look like insects crawling up the stem. But I can see the duck head also.
Great images.

Eucalyptus trees

I have been told that this species likes Eucalyptus trees and are found at the base of the trees, but the closest gum trees to where these were was about 5 meters away
probably interact with the eucalyptus roots though

Eucalyptus trees

It is possible that the plant is actually found near Eucalyptus trees because of a fungus that associates with the decaying Eucalyptus leaves. 5 meters would not be a great distance for dropped leaves to travel before wedging in a crevice or against some obstrution, being covered in blown sand and beginning to decay with the first moisture that appears.

Perhaps. The ones I came

Perhaps. The ones I came across weren't situated close to eucalypts although there was a healthy covering of gum leaves on the ground around them.

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Were these in situ or home

Were these in situ or home grown?

flowers spikes

these are my pictures of a plant that my friend and i had found near a riding track.
I am trying to grow these species aswell, but cultivation is quite difficult apparently.

Terrestrial Man

That is what I had heard as

That is what I had heard as well which is why I asked... I thought you may have had some magic formula to have a plant so happy looking ;)

I was told they are very dependant on their mycorhizal fungus and it is keeping the fungus happy that proves most difficult.

Fantastic set of images.

Fantastic set of images.