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Macroclinium manabinum | Orchids Online
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Macroclinium manabinum

Macroclinium manabinum (Dodson) Dodson, Selbyana 7: 355 (1984).

Tribe: Cymbideae

Subtribe: Oncidiinae

Distribution: Ecuador (Manabí)

Macroclinium manabinum

Vote Result

Score: 9.3, Votes: 4


Can't wait to see the next flowering Jean. I'm sure it'll be bigger and better next season.


Well done!


That's a wonderful plant - obviously grown by a fabulous orchid grower.




Thank you for the compliment, I had a look on Ochidwiz for awards, only 2 awarded that I can see from the AOS. A CHM with a score of 81 & 82, this is equivalent to a high AM for AOC. Looks like one had 12 inflorescences carrying approx. 156 flowers including buds. The other 6 inflorescences with a total of 78 flowers
I counted mine this morning; I have 14 inflorescences carrying approx. 185 flowers including a couple of buds. The first spike is starting to go off now or I would ask your guys to put it up for an award.

Comment and Question


The CHM in the American Orchid Society System is not in the strictest sense the equivalent of a flower quality award.

The CHM award criteria includes elements of cultivation, novelty and horticultural value in the point score scale that are not included in the flower quality criteria.

This lack of equivalency doesnt make the award inferior to a flower quality award.

Actually it makes it harder to award as the judges have to take in consideration: culture, novelty, horticultural value and flower aesthetics. It is one of the awards where once it is granted, is hardest to describe why it was granted. (If the person doing the description wants to write a good description.)'

That said, what would prevent you from cutting the inflorescence that is going off and having the plant presented with 17 instead of 18 inflorescences? It still a magnificent specimen worthy of a cultural award and a flower quality award.

BTW: your photos of it deserve an exceptional post bonus.


Another compliment from anther Top Gun in the Orchid world
Thank you.

At the moment Brisbane is in flood crisis, to request an award we are required to give the Judges 24 - 48 hours notice. Taking the current flood clean up crisis I feel this can wait until next flowering.

You can request that judges come to see your plant?

I envy you. We can only have plants awarded at regular award meetings or show.

Judges to plants

We have awards nights and meetings that we can take our plants to have awarded. If a plant is in flower and we would like to put it up for an award before the next meeting we can approach a Senior Judge and ask if it can be awarded. This is where we are asked to give at least 48 hours notice to arrange a Panel.

If a plant is too large to move, we can ask for it to be considered for an award in the shade house or wherever its growing.

Gary is one of our Senior Judges over here.


Re locate to Australia.

Secondary flower spike

I believe this species sometimes produces a secondary flower spike when the previous inflorescence has finished flowering.

p.s Next year we all hope to see 20 flower spikes

One of my treasures Wellsy

One of my treasures Wellsy was caring for while I went walkabout in the Northern Territory, this small plant produced 14 spikes this time round.
My camera does not have the capabilities to capture its true beauty (or the monkey pushing the buttons) and one every serious collector should have in their collection.


That is going to be a very nice thing in week or so Jean when a larger percentage of the spikes are open. Just keep holding your breath and snapping away (well you can stop holding your breath between shots I guess...lol) and you'll jag a great shot I reckon. Your camera should be able to cope with this one if it can get shots like this series http://orchidsonline.com.au/node/9661

The monkeys over your way got plenty of time on their hands I hear.

Yes I agree...this gem should be in every serious collector of the "odd, weird, ugly and different" plants for sure.

I'm happy to say that it's in mine thanks to you!

Regards wellsy


I am hoping most of the spikes will still be open for the Feb Show at Mt Coo-tha.
Snapping away - Jeez this one is one of the hardest ones I have tried to capture.
Depth of field is not an option with this one.

Macroclinium manabinum

Certainly a stunner with lots of action.


Fantastic flowering

Fantastic flowering,
Have never seen so many flower spikes on one plant for this species, growing very well,
i have just remounted mine and i hope it roots up well.

Do you grow it hot or cold as i have mine in my glasshouse at the moment

Terrestrial Man


I am in Brisbane and growing it in normal shade house conditions.

intermediate to warm

normal shade house conditions in Brisbane = intermediate to warm I would say

Regards wellsy