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Aerangis Rchb.f 1865

Type Species: Aerangis flabellifolia Rchb.f 1865



Country: Africa, Madagascar

This genus has approximately 60 species of monopodial orchids which are found from Africa to Madagascar.

They mostly grow as small epiphytes at from sea level to 1950m elevation.

Most are plants of the dense rainforests with short stems and white star shaped flowers on relatively short inflorescences. The flowers have a long spur with most being fragrant to some degree.


These species are popular due them being miniature plants with usually a very showy display of flowers. Most are suited to warm to intermediate growing conditions with year round humidity and constant watering while growing or flowering but they may benefit from a winter rest for a few months in the colder months. Most plants prefer a slab mount of cork or treefern but some means of allowing for the pendulous habit of the inflorescence is necessary.