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Dendrobium (D. Avrils Gold x D. YT Goliath)

Dendrobium (D. Avrils Gold x D. YT Goliath)

Dendrobium (D. Avrils Gold x D. YT Goliath)

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can't go wrong

Nice plant Jean!
very intense and beautiful yellow/gold and lovely markings.

I guess you can't go wrong with crossing a fantastic hybrid like Avrils Gold with anything at all really.

Regards wellsy


Your images have to inspire other growers to emulate your successes with growing and showing such great images. This image would look nice on a Christmas card and warm anyones heart in our current bleak and icy conditions here in the UK.


Snow Ice etc

Just watched your weather on the news, it looks rather bleak over there.
Move to the land downunder.

over here

I just looked at our weather forecast here Jean (poked my head out onto the back pergola a minute or two ago) and I'm here to tell ya its nothin but miserable rain for the next week or two. Cyclones brewin' up north....The monsoon trough looks to be very firmly in place over the top end...a strong trough up the queensland coast....a large mass of moist air streaming across the country from up near Indonesia...mate!

Things is crook in the land down under let me tell ya!

Regards wellsy

Sprinker system

Have you been evicted to the shade house?
Try moving your bed it's probably under a misting jet. No rain over this side of town.


Raining cats & dogs in Cairns at the moment too Wellsy



The 'wet' has commenced it seems.

Good luck and take care to all those who may be affected!

Regards wellsy

Real Beauty

Flowers look huge. In the US, Avrils Gold is like Gold a small 3 bulb plant, sells for $100.oo or more for blooming size $450.00.I love this one, is it your own cross?

My old collection

This one is from my old collection, I believe these ones are selling for a bit more than that over here.
No its not my breeding but from good line bred stock.