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Cattleya (C. longipes x C. briegeri)

Cattleya (C. longipes x C. briegeri)

This primary hybrid was made by Gordon Botting of Gordon's Oz Orchids several years ago when both the parents were Laelias. (L. lucasiana x L. briegeri).

Both parents are from the group of Rupicolous Laelias.

Cattleya (C. longipes x C. briegeri)

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Thats a petty little bloke wellsy. The flowers can't be all that big either would they.
Geez it gets to me calling these Cattleyas.

not big

You are right Roy.

They are only a smallish flower (about 35-40mm). They are not a bad effort compared to the size of the plant though.

Regards wellsy

show bench

For years we used to see these species & hybrids on the show bench hardly ever see them now. Not readily available
either I'm guessing. Great plants.


For the size of the flowers, this is a pretty good showing with a nice sharp image.