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Vanda lamellata var. remediosa

Vanda lamellata var. remediosa

Picture take from a local nursery.

Vanda lamellata var. remediosa

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Vanda lamellata var. remediosae

Hi Vincent,

I agree with Philippe that this is more like V. lamellata var. remediosae rather than V. lamellata var. boxallii, despite The World Checklist treating the two as synonymous.

V. lamellata var. remediosae has white to cream segments with a pale pink-purple lip. The inner half of the lateral sepals and lower portion of the dorsal sepal and petals are marked with greenish brown to light brown spots or shading.

V. lamellata var. boxallii has white sepals and petals and a rose-purple lip. The innner half of the lateral sepals is marked with dark brown to maroon-brown shading. Additionally, sometimes the base of the dorsal sepal and petals may be spotted, striped or marked with the same dark brown to maroon-brown.

Some other images of V. lamellata var. boxallii on OOL are:

I know I would be disappointed to bloom the var. remediosae with the pale brown markings, when I was expecting var. boxallii with its striking darker maroon-brown coloration and rose-purple lip.

Inevitably, as OOL follows The World Checklist, this is shown here as V. lamellata var. remediosae - until such time as the checklist changes.

Hope that helps.



Cootes, J. (2011) Philippine Native Orchid Species. Katha Publishing Company Inc., Quezon City, Philippines.

Hi, Wonderful flower and


Wonderful flower and great photo ! Isn't it Vanda lamellata var. remediosae ? I think the type specie has a yellow lip and the remediosae variety has a pink one.



You may be right that this is a variety of Vanda lamellata Philippe. I do not know these well enough to confirm that (others here may assist with that) but if you check the Monocot list ( you will find the below is now accepted.

Vanda lamellata var. remediosae Ames & Quisumb., Philipp. J. Sci. 52: 461 (1933).
This name is a synonym.


Accepted Name: Vanda lamellata var. boxallii Rchb.f., Gard. Chron., n.s., 13: 743 (1880).

Regards wellsy