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Sarcochilus hilli

Sarcochilus hilli
This flower has a slight pink blush compared to the other post.

Sarcochilus hilli

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Considering the size of the flower this is a first class and informative image.
Difficult though it may be, I would love to take a shot at catching this image with some side light reflected from the surface structure of the petals and sepals.


Degree of difficulty

Its rather difficult at the moment. I have a shoulder injury and using one hand to take these images.
I will try but not promise a quality result.


Jean, I wasn't implying any criticism of your photography, indeed as stated previously I think the image is supurb, I was just thinking outloud and 'out of the box' on different ways to highlight the qualities of the species, as you have shown, your latest image has a slight tinge of colour.


Hi Bernard Don't stress I

Hi Bernard
Don't stress I didn't take it as a criticism, I appreciate any suggestions,input, or advice.
These are all just starting to flower and have a couple more that are indicating a pink blush.