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Angraecum Lemforde White Beauty | Orchids Online
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Angraecum Lemforde White Beauty

Angraecum Lemforde White Beauty

Hi Guys,appreciate if any of you out there who could assist me on this particular genus. I'm confuse actually..

Thanks for the help.

Pak Sheikh

Angraecum Lemforde White Beauty

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I think

I think this could be Angraecum magdalenae.


I think not A. magdalanae

Looking at pictures on the web of A. Magdalanae, I don't think it matches this plant and it does not match my plant as I remember the flowers about 8 weeks back. I have been right through the list of Angraecums on this site and orchidspecies.com and could not find a match when mine was in flower. Should we start considering the possibility that it is a hybrid?

Also, assuming it is the same as mine, I recorded the flower size as 13cm and the spur was 17 cm. It had two flowers on two seperate spikes which indicates that it would always have a single flower per spike. the flower was tinged green, but was no where near as green as something like Vietchii. The plant holds its leaves well, mine has 17 leaves on the main growth. It is also branching from the base. The leaves are around 40 cm long, a dark olive green rather than grass green, and are leathery rather than fleshy. The leaves are unevenly lobed at the end.

Does that description match your plant Pak Sheik?

Bruce Polky

Thanks to everyone..............

Firstly I would like to express my sincere thanks to all of you out there for the great effort to solve the ID for this particular plant of mine.....

Hi Bruce,
I suppose we are having the same plant...The physical feature of what have been describe by you are exactly the same of what I'm having out here....And the lattest hint which I've got for this plant is Angraecum Lemforde White Beauty....A cross between Ang.sesquipedale and Ang.magdalenae
I just wanted to know does this plant fit the above said Primary Hybrid.Personally I try to search the web for comparison and here is the link.


Pls review and confirm...

Thanks n regards.

Pak Sheikh

Angraecum ID

Hi Pak Sheikh,

I agree with Bruce. Your plant looks to me to be Angrecum Lemforde White Beauty.



In this case, Google can be our friend.



as it provides lot of different shots to compare with.


I agree with Angraecum Lemforde White Beauty. This is a very nice hybrid.


Since everyone agreed...

Well.......since every body agreed on the ID.I'll do the editing on the title.Thanks to everyone of you people out here for your contribution.
God Bless!


Pak Sheikh

Best match so far..... But.....

The picture is the best match I have seen so far, although it doesn't show the spur in the picture. The problem is taht identifying a species is hard enough, given the variability within many species, and moving into hybrids makes it even more complicated and difficult. If you do not have a clear identification I often think it is best to leave them un-named.
For me, there are two reasons for growing these plants. The first is to collect all the different species, and for this, identification is very important. The second is to simply enjoy the plants, and in this case identification is nice, but doesn't make the plant less attractive or challenging. I will leave mine clearly identified as 'an Angraecum of some sort with the nice smell' and enjoy it!

Bruce Polky


Compare here http://orchidsonline.com.au/node/4777

Regards wellsy

Could be an older flower.

Could be an older flower. Will have a look through my folders for a photo. The spur on sequepidale can be up to 600cm or 2 feet long.


We really need some sizes given. How big is the flower, what does the plant look like and growth size. I've chosen 2 or 3 possibles but measuresments are guesses with this plant.

On the right track with the

On the right track with the flower - but not sure about the plant growth. The magdalenae I had was an old mature plant and a much sorter growth patern compared to this one

The spur looks to me to be

The spur looks to me to be too short for A. sesquipedale?


I don't think it is either A.sequepidale (spur to short, wrong shape) or A Veitchii (wrong shape, not green enough). I am very interested to find out what it is though because I have one that I think could be the same. Interestingly, we are in the same 'region' (Malaysia and Thailand) so this might be a plant that is available in this area.

Bruce Polky

flower shape

I agree Alex. The flower shape is not right either.

I have looked at others and am not sure what this one is yet.

Regards wellsy