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Cymbidium Radiant Ruby 'Aussie Gem'

Radiant Ruby is a hybrid of Ruby Eyes and Radiant Spark with canaliculatum on the Radiant Spark side and Pumilum in Ruby eyes

Cymbidium Radiant Ruby 'Aussie Gem'

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filename problems

the attached file does not comply with filename guidelines.
see here

please delete the file from this post, edit the name on your computer to remove the spaces and the two brackets

so radiant ruby sept (2).JPG would become radiantrubysept2.JPG

then attach the file again


PS: the image itself is wonderful so worth all the effort to get it right.

site admin

Regards wellsy

Regards wellsy

Extra photo

Cheers I'll re-attach tonight

all sorted now

thanks for updating the file

Regards wellsy