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Dendrobium chrysopterum

Dendrobium chrysopterum

Thanks to Gary for his help in supplying me with the correct name for this dendrobium

Dendrobium wentianum

Synonyms: Dendrobium obtusipetalum

Another genus I like is Dendrobium and I have a few PNG species like this one.

Dendrobium chrysopterum

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Dendrobium chrysopterum

Hi Bernard,

I think that this is Dendrobium chrysopterum, which was described in 2001. Many plants in cultivation have been mistakenly labelled as Den. obtusisepalum.

Den. wentianum has orange flowers that have a spoon-shaped lip, which has a strongly cupped margin and notch at the apex of the centre line.

Hope that helps.




Baker, M.L. & C.O. Baker. (1996) Orchid Species Culture - Dendrobium. Timber Press, Portland, Oregon.

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Thanks for your input Gary, I will take another look at this species.


Bulbophyllum chrysopterum

Thanks Gary for your help giving me the correct name.
Have changed the name.

I received the following information from a reliable source.

1. D. wentianum has pendulous, branching stems; D. chrysopterum has spreading, unbranched stems.
2. D. wentianum has ovate leaves that are twisted at the base, causing them to point backwards towards the base of the stem; D. chrysopterum has narrowly ovate leaves spreading at right angles to the stem.
3. D. wentianum has lateral sepals that are connate in the basal part, producing a bell-shaped flower; D. chrysopterum has has nearly free lateral sepals, producing a wide-open, almost flat flower.
4. D. wentianum has uniformly orange or orange-red flowers; D. chrysopterum is orange-and-yellow.
5. D. wentianum is a high-altitude species and very difficult in cultivation; D. chrysopterum is from moderate altitudes (c. 800 m) and easily grown.


It's a magnificient plant...

It's a magnificient plant...