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Robiquetia spathulata

Robiquetia spathulata

I have no starting point for identifying this one. Leaves are about 15cm long, 3cm wide, deeply notched with rounded ends and somewhat fleshy. Growth habit is upright but looks like it would be either vining or pendant when mature. Spike is many flowered, each flower about 1cm (a perspecive image included showing a little finger nail). The spike is opening progressively with only about 10 flowers at once, each flower lasting 5-6 days. Purchased in Thailand, so likely a Thai native, although Rik has pointed out that some of these plants can originate elsewhere.

Robiquetia spathulata

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Robiquetia spathulata

Encyclia has named your plant correctly. More info on this species.
Reference images can be found in "Preliminary checklist of the Orchidaceae of Laos". See link below.

Your plant has been described in detail in the Flora of China.
Robiquetia in Flora of China can be found on the link below. Click on the species.

If you like to download Orchidaceae in the Flora of China go

Click on Family Index (
Scroll down and click on: Orchidaceae 25 || PDF (Family): 2009
If I remember correct this will download the file as .pdf. The 4.9 MB file is a 500 page book. The illustrated glossary in the beginning is very good.
Many northern Thai species are described.

Robiquetia spathulata ?

This is just a guess because I am not at all familiar with this genus...

Take a look at and

Perhaps pawpaw can give you a more accurate statement.



Robiquetia sathulata

Robiquetia spathulata, that's what I would put on it.


Certailnly looks like it!

Thanks Frederick. Looking at those pictures I think there is little doubt that you have it correct. The image even has what looks like the same species of ants protecting the flowers! Name edited accordingly.

Bruce Polky