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Cymbidium atropurpureum

Cymbidium atropurpureum.

This plant blooms for the first time....!And I suppose this could be a better image....


Cymbidium atropurpureum

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Score: 8.2, Votes: 6

Why the low votes ??

Photographically Pak has recorded this plant beautifully and deserves 8s and better to me.

Composition is well done, focus is sharp, depth of field is well covered with the macro shots, lighting is correct, and there's no distracting backgrounds except for the wide angle view, but in this case is acceptable because the subject is too big to put a portable background behind.

As a professional photographer, he has ticked all the boxes for me, and I AM generally a relatively hard marker and picky with photos. ;o))

This one has left me scratching my head I'm afraid......... :o|



for mine I would say that the photo we are voting on...IE: the one at the bottom (as the others are attachments) is the photo which holds less attraction than the other 3.

I have noticed that people are tending to post the least eyecatching photo as the 'image' which we vote on. Remember the attachments do not count for votes in the featured photo.

Personally I tend to post multiple single photo 'image' posts rather than a post with multiple attachments...not always though. Sometimes that technique is what is required to make my point.

Just something for you all to think about.

Regards wellsy

very nice BUT

unfortunately the three attached images cannot be shown on the page as the filenames are not compliant with the guidelines

the name of the plant also needs to be repeated in the 'body' or the post cannot be included in the Orchids A-Z. see

ADMIN NOTE: I see you have it all sorted now...thanks for updating the post!

Regards wellsy

Thanx to you

Thanx to you for the guidance actually Steve...


Pak Sheikh

thanks to you

if only everyone else here would read the 'guidance' like you and try to comply!

poor old admins lives would be much less stressful let me tell you.

Regards wellsy