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Cattleya Olympia x Cattleya Queen Elizabeth

17 flowers open with 5 more about to open, can anyone see what is wrong with one of the flowers?


Cattleya Olympia x Cattleya Queen Elizabeth

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Impressive display!

The second flower from the left side at the upper left corner has no lip. Sometimes it happens to one of my plants also.

It is an impressive display. Congratulations!

How many flowers has the inflorescence in the center of the image?? 6 or 7 flowers??


it has 6, will add a image of the deformed flower.


Beautiful posting

Hi Buckie,

I saw that the 2nd flower in the top row-to the right- does not show the lip, and the 2
bottom petals were unified in one?

This is... 'lost in translation' ? It does not seem to be a mutation trait with permanent phenotypic expression?

But, your flowers are showy!

Best regards!