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Cattlianthe Dandee Fireworks 'Valentine's Day'

Cattlianthe Dandee Fireworks "Valentine's Day"

Hybrid formula: Cattlianthe Chocotome Gold x Cattlianthe Panache Amphora
Flower size: 4,1 cm

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
Meant as a sweet but colorful reminder for the older and younger generation with memory failures. LOL.
Meant as a big hug for all orchid lover.
Go ahead with this love and the passion we all share for the beautiful flowers we call orchids.

Cattlianthe Dandee Fireworks 'Valentine's Day'

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Lovely vibrant and warm colours and the composition is supurb. A great image for the artistic gallery.


I agree

I agree with all that you have said Bernard...lovely post Horst.

Regards wellsy