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Rhyncholaeliocattleya Dandee Gem 'Ruby Tie'

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Dandee Gem 'Ruby Tie'

Hybrid formula: Cattleya Interglossa x Rlc. Haw Yuan Moon
Flower size: 6.6 cm with 5 flowers on one inflorescent.

Rhyncholaeliocattleya Dandee Gem 'Ruby Tie'

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Score: 8.8, Votes: 4

Multi flower display

This is a new image from this outstanding Hybrid.
As the plant gets bigger as more flowers it displays.
Last year 5 flowers this year 7 flowers.
Cattleya amethystoglossa is triggering this multi flower display.

Thank's to all of you.

Thank you Bernard and Migocab for the thoughtful suggestions. "Peaceful Sunset" and "Summer Twilight" are beautiful names. May use them later on some other clones.
Thank's to Princess and Buckie! You saved me. Sometimes I'm afraid my imaginations are carrying me to far away. And the names are getting to abstract. Specially after a glass of Merlot.


I think 'Ruby tie' is very clever Horst. I wouldn't change it. :-)

Looking at it now I can see a red mens tie on the labellum quite clearly.


I agree

I agree, leave the name as is,,,,all you could change it to is "Mine" and then it wouldn't be yours....well I thought it was clever when I thought of it...nup need more to drink I think...This drought we are having here get's to you, 2 days without rain, but more on the way they say.


What's in a name

I was hoping that when I suggested an alternative name for Horst's plant, that members would submit alternative suggestions and perhaps create interest with a wider and perhaps more inventive set of names. This, in no way implies that I don't agree with Horst's original name.



I don't think that we were trying to do that, I for one use 'Sunrise and Sunset' in the names of my plant's and your name has now gone to the top of my list for my next Reg, with your permission of course. I believe that the old Seamen's belieft that you never change a name once given is a good rule to go by, in the end it is up to Horst of course. One thing for sure it has added some comment and that is good.


Ruby Tie

Horst where did the name Ruby Tie come from? I dont see any ruby coloration on the flowers.

It is all in the imagination.

The strip in the lip center looks like ruby red to me.
I recognize: To be able to see a tie on this flower needs a healthy portion of imagination.
Do you have a suggestion for an other name? It can be changed.


Looking at that lip,'Peaceful Sunset' comes to mind.



'Summer Twilight' I think. You do get all the colors when the day is turning to night depending on the weather.