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Bulbophyllum macrobulbon

Bulbophyllum macrobulbon

Pleased to see a Bulbo sp. (section macrobulbon) I purchased many years ago from Tinonee Orchids has flowered as a B macrobulbon. Lovely flower that smells like B fletcherianum but not as potent.

Bulbophyllum macrobulbon

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Hi John,glad to see your Bulb. macrobulbon has flowered for you especially when you were not sure what you had. Am I noticing that there are 3 flowers on the one spike or is there another spike behind the first. Whenever mine has flowered it only had 2 flowers and at the moment it is coming into flower again and both spikes have only 2 flowers.
Your flowers look a lot paler than the ones I have previously posted from my plant or is it the light on yours that is making them look lighter.


B. macrobulbon

Hi Eric,

Yes, the plant does have three flowers and like yours, there is a new lead forming elsewhere on the plant. This flower comes off the second last bulb (if you get what I mean). The flowers are quite dark. I had the plant out of the glasshouse and in the sun so that does make them appear a bit lighter. It had a fly in the flower when it came out. Too slow with the camera but the pollonia had gone. There are a number of B phals flowering at present so I would prefer they did not cross, if the flowers are to be pollinated naturally.




I need glasses

Hi John, after saying my plant has only ever had 2 flowers per spike I had another look when the new buds were more developed and low and behold one of the spikes has 2 flowers and the other has.
I will post a photo of them next.



Nice image of this species.