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Vanda Mevr. L. Velthuis

Vanda Mevr. L. Velthuis. Another one of my quarter terete Vandas flowering at the moment.

Vanda Mevr. L. Velthuis

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Good one

pawpaw, this is the best one of these Vandas I've seen. Its used for breeding in lots of places but their plants have flowers not as good as this.

Your Photography Has Improved

Eric, I have been very impressed with your photography lately, it has certainly improved recently.

Keep up the good work, NO going back now that you have set yourself a precedence. ;o))



Thanks Anton, but you haven't seen the ones I delete. More practice.

that's the point

no-one should see the ones we delete (or choose not to present)

If I take 30 and get 1 good one I consider myself blessed.

In the old days of slides. My friends and I would shoot 2 rolls of 36 per subject and sometimes the whole 2 rolls would be scrapped...that was very frustrating let me tell you.

Regards wellsy