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Bulbophyllum porphyrostachys

Bulbophyllum porphyrostachys

Distribution Nigeria and Camaroon found in rainforest and semideciduous forest, relict forest in savanna. Section Megaclinium. Single leaved. Inflorescence up to 10cm long.
Rhachis erect to patent, slightly swollen spindle-shaped up to 16cm long. The flowers, 3mm wide, placed in a reticulare pattern, in a lax raceme, appressed against the rhachis to slightly recurved, not opening wide. A most perculiar and unusual plant.

Edited and altered the length of the inflorecence and the rhachis which I mixed up with another species.

Bulbophyllum porphyrostachys

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Perculiar and unusual just like me so I'm sure I can find a nice spot for this plant on my orchid bench. Bernard do you have more images of the flower spike from different angles.


This one expired last year. I did try and get some shots from different angles, but you couldn't see the position of the flowers behind the bracts. I have some more images on 35mm slides.