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Aerides rosea

Aerides rosea.

Aerides rosea

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bud loss

Can't see any evidence of bud loss on this photo. Maybe its only Aerides odorata that suffers this problem. Lovely flower.


Aerides odorata

Stephen, for me the bud drop or tip die back when it happens, usually occurs on Aerides odorata.

bud drop

I am in agreement with pawpaw. I have 6 different Aerides in spike and the only one that dropped buds was odorata.

Love it

As I mentioned before, mines not just starting to open.
Wonderful Aerides.


The one in this post is from the same batch of seedlings yours came from.A brother so to speak.


Thanks pawpaw, I just read my reply, wrong, mine IS starting to open. Will post pic when it does.