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Bulbophyllum flabellum-veneris

Bulbophyllum flabellum-veneris

(original submission as Bulbophyllum lepidum, name edit as per Monocot list)

Synonyms: Ephippium lepidum Blume 1825
Cirrhopetalum lepidum (Blume) Schltr. 1911



Temperature: W.I.

Country: Tenasserim, Andaman Islands, Laos, Kampuchea, Vietnam,Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Borneo, Maluku, and the Philippines

Bulbophyllum flabellum-veneris is a small plant which will form a large clump if grown well. It produces 4cm fan-type umbel which is variable in colouration but often yellow flushed redpurple at base of petals. This species is a good grower and will wrap around a basket to form a nice specimen. Likes plenty of water, so treefern slabs tend to be too dry unless well watered.

Bulbophyllum flabellum-veneris

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