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Bulbophyllum macrocoleum

Bulbophyllum macrocoleum Seidenf., Dansk Bot. Ark. 33: 125 (1979).
Section Racemoseae
Distribution: Indo-China (Thailand, Vietnam)

B.macrocoleum looks similar to B.rufinum.
B.macrocoleum has a more dense inflorescence than B.rufinum (Anupan Kongbangkerd).

Origin and elevation of this plant: Chiang Rai province of Thailand, about 900 m.
Habitat: epiphyte and lithophyte in open forest.
Pseudobulbs: widely spaced on rhizome.
Leaves: thick.
Inflorescence: basally enveloped by sheaths, racemose, subdensely flowered, large bracts behind the flowers (the bracts don't last as long as the flowers).
Flowers: lip has a yellow tip (Nantiya Vaddhanaphuti).
Bernard has pointed out "Triangular petals ending with acute points. Papilose lip with the prominent forward curved and sharply pointed auricles at the base. Distinct wings on the column ending with the narrow pointed stelidia."
Flower size: about 4 mm wide and 8 mm long.
Flowering period: October-December.
Fragrance: faintly spicy.

Bulbophyllum macrocoleum

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I agree with Bernard

A very nice set of photos and a very informative post to boot...
love your work rik

Regards wellsy


Rik, love this series of very clear images, and very imformative comments. I think that we shall have to wait for confirmation of the name though. As we have already discussed, obtaining information on 'Type Descriptions' in this section are very hard to obtain.

We live in hope that J.J. Vermeulens revision of Bulbophyllum is not too long in the writing and publishing.