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Thelymitra nuda

Thelymitra nuda R.Br., Prodr.: 314 (1810)
Accepted name
Featured orchid photo for the month of December 2009

Photographed in situ Kalphahlim Rock trail, Lamb's Range, Nth QLD. Sept. 2009.

Light: 50% shade
Elevation: 800m
Habitat: Growing in wet sclerophyll

Thelymitra nuda

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Beautiful picture. So

Beautiful picture. So difficult to get the violet colour right with digital camera...

Talk About Lucky

What an incredible source of natives you have up there, and the photography compliments them beautifully.



Thanks once again for your kind comments.

This was an awesome hike up to Kahlpalhim Rock - which is the highest point on Lamb's range (1200m), west of Cairns.

The number and diversity of orchids, the closer you get to the summit is phenomenal!! It is well worth the trip if your fit enough.

Unfortunately we were there a couple of weeks too early as most things were still in bud. Oh well, try again next year!



Where I live

Where I live (Mission Beach), quite a few terrestial orchid species growing on my property, unfortunately, i spent a lot of time overseas and cannot enjoy the beauties , but hopefully i find time to search for them in the forrest in the nearest future. Near our house, there is a whole patch of Calanthe triplicate. I will sent photos when they in flower (next month)
I am still stunned by your orchid images.

Albert Sittler

Thelymitra nuda

Excellent Fiona, these are the best images I have seen of this species, the detail and clarity is supurb. There are some brilliant terrestrials on this sight so these will certainly compliment them.


here here...

I'll have to agree with you Bernard!

Congratulations on a first class post yet again Fiona.
I look forward to your next one.

Regards wellsy