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Vanda ???

Vanda roeblingiana. I have had this plant under this name since I got it but i am now beginning to think it might be a hybrid. The lip isn't correct for the species. Any comments on it?

Vanda  ???

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Vanda Ms. Schlegal

Hi Eric,

Vanda suavis is a parent of many spotted Vanda hybrids and is the species of choice by hybridists. It is V. suavis that imparts the clear spots to its progeny.

V. triclor with its yellow flowers that are marked with brown spots and blotches is not the one that hybridists choose to use, as it doesn't produce the distinct markings in its offspring, like V. suavis.

If this plant is a primary hybrid, it looks to me to be V. Ms. Schlegal (V. roeblingiana x V. suavis), registered by C. Barnes in 2004. V. roeblingiana has influenced the shape of the lip and imparted its red-brown colouring to the markings on the sepals and petals. V. suavis has given it the distinct spots on those same segments.

It seems as if the RHS is accepting V. suavis as a species for registration of hybrids. The World Checklist still maintains V. suavis as a variety of V. triclor.

Hope that helps.



Motes, M.R. (1997) Vandas - Their Botany, History and Culture. Timber Press, Portland, Oregon.

Either Registered name

pawpaw, davo, the lip to me is definitely showing all roeblingii and should the other parent be tricolor or suavis as suggested I am at a loss to know which one to chose as there is a lot of yes / no on exactlty which is tricolor and which is suavis. If this is a plant from the 1954 crossing, who is to tell it wasn't suavis that was used as the plant was known for years as V.tricolor v. suavis. As variety names are rarely noted in registrations these days we will never know.

Not sure

You can definately see the tricolor in this one, it also has the correct lip shape for tricolor, but not sure what the other cross is.


I agree

It's not Vanda roeblingiana...

maybe a hybrid??

Regards wellsy


I did an edit on the name until, maybe, someone can come up with one.


Two crosses registered may be close to the parents of this plant should it be a Primary Hybrid.

V. Ms.Schlegal = roeblingiana x suavis.......2004

V. Kay Chatham = roeblingiana c tricolor.....1954

No pics found on the web to check.

Probable hybrid

I can see V.roeblingiana but also something else. Still a very pretty flower pawpaw.