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The R.H.S. site has changed, I just searched for a plant that showed up in the old R.H.S. and it doesn't come up, so much for progress.



what was the name of the plant Warren?

Regards wellsy


When I heard that the site had been upgraded I checked it out, some names come up, others don't. Maybe they are still working on it.
Maybe it's just me ( most likely ). If I type karangie (in the GREX search) up it comes, then I tryed karen's sunrise (with and without the (') no match, I then tryed a few others, (with a (') in the name, It appears that if there is a(') in the name then you have to do a part search, ie. type in just karen and go through the list that comes up. As I said, it's most likely just me!!!!


RHS Nearly Broke

I heard on the grapevine that the RHS is cash strapped and struggling to keep it's head above water and in danger of folding.

Evidently they are increasing the registration costs to try to keep going.

Anyone else heard of this ?

It was a shock to me that this should be the case.


that would be a great loss

If it's true then I for one am going to make a donation.

I think I'll just join..... http://apps.rhs.org.uk/ecommerce/newmemberships.aspx
Individual £49
Joint £70
Student £25
Life £1,000
Joint Life £1,250
Gift Membership £49

Regards wellsy

it's there

I just now searched 'sunrise' on the grex search area.

There are 323 hits on 'sunrise'
I find on the 15th page Rhyncholaeliocattleya Karen's Sunrise

Is that the one you were looking for?

Mind you when you click the link there is no more information http://apps.rhs.org.uk/horticulturaldatabase/orchidregister/orchiddetail...

If you want (and this goes for almost any search) to be able to get ALL the possible results.
Keep the search terms broad to make sure for whatever reason you don't exclude the one you are looking for from the result set.

Yes that could mean you may get a lot of possible results. BUT....at least the answer is in the results for you to find.

Regards wellsy


Yes there is a few ways of getting the info, if you just type in Karen you get the same sort of result, that is my point. They changed the way and look of the search section, BUT as far as I can tell there is no improvement. Makes me think why they would waste their time.



The above institution has been crying poverty for years, but don't you believe it.
We all know that Generic and species names are in flux all the time and that these name changes need to be updated from time to time, so it's no surprise that there are hiccups in the system especially when including hybrid names.


not likely to fold

so you are saying they are not likely to fold in the near future Bernard?

thats comforting news.

Regards wellsy

not folding

They make millions each year from lots of different sources, and have forward plans for lots of projects. Their income may have slowed down somewhat due to the current financial climate, but they are not without resources.



The possible reason why someone may think that the RHS is strapped for cash has to do with the Orchid Review reducing the number of issues a year, because of financial constraints. It isn't run or managed by the RHS.