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Coelogyne Lindl. 1821

Type species: Coelogyne punctulata Lindl.

Synonyms: Ptychogyne Pfitzer 1907
Hologyne Pfitzer 1907

Pronounced: see-LOJ-in-ee

Derivation: Greek koilos (hollow) and gyne (female), probably referring to the deep set stigmatic cavity found in the genus.

Temperature: W.I.C.

Country: India, SE Asia, Indonesia, China, Philippines, New Guinea and Pacific Islands

A genus having approximately 150 species which is found in a wide range of climate zones and as such it is vital for best culture to know where the plant you are trying to grow originated.

Many species are very large epiphytic (occasionally lithophytes) plants which have quite showy, often fragrant flowers. They have quite large flattened pseudobulbs with one to two quite large, leathery leaves which are plicate. The pseudobulbs are often well spaced on a rather long, creeping rhizome so they are often best grown in a large basket or slab so they can roam around easily.