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Dendrobium mortii

Dendrobium mortii

Dendrobium mortii

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So it appears we may not be settled on the correct ID here?
Perhaps it's best to remove this one from the Orchids A-Z until we are sure?

site admin

Regards wellsy

I'm still inclined to call

I'm still inclined to call this one Den. Duffy. See my post on the leaf shapes of D mortii vs D Duffy at

mortti v x Duffy

This is one from the collection that was advertised on here some time back. The guy did say there was one in the collection that no one could identify for him.

The leaf structure is that of mortii - round compared to you 2 images posted.

I think the plant may be at Steve’s place (Wellsy) - can you check please ? I labelled it Dendrobium x Duffy.

I'll check

And will post again when I have found it Jean.

Regards wellsy

Dendrobium X Duffy

I found the plant, it's powering along in its new home.
I checked the leaves - They are flat not round so I guess this makes this post Dendrobium X Duffy. A natural hybrid.
I appreciate all the imput by all our experts on this one.
When it flowers again will post an image of the flower and foliage


I guess you need to update this post then Jean?

Regards wellsy

Dendrobium unknown

Hi Jean,

Could this be Dendrobium mortii (syn. Dockrillia mortii)?



Leaf structure

I compared the leaf structure against another Den. x duffy and it was round in comparison.
I am happy to go with Dendrobium mortii

I'd still go with Den. Duffy.

I'd still go with Den. Duffy. Please note the slight striations in your flower that come from the Den. striolatum parent.


I dont have the plant anymore, its one from the old collection. I went by the leaf structure at the time.

It looks like Den. Xduffy,

It looks like Den. Xduffy, judging by the flower and the aparent flatish leaf. Den. Xduffy is a natural hybrid of D. striolatum x D. pugioniforme, hence the slightly flat leaf. Just check that the leaves are a bit flat.