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Vanda Madame Dinger

Vanda Madame Dinger

Edit as per discussion below.

Have always know this plant as Vanda Madam Dinga. Can't find mention of this name. I don't know if I'm spelling it wrong or it's a name someone has made up.Grows in full sun beside Vanda Miss Joaquim.

Vanda Madame Dinger

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Madame Dinger

It's there Eric...just not spelt exactly as you have.

Vanda Madame Dinger

Parents Vanda Miss Joaquim X Vanda tricolor.

The lesson here is minimise your words on the RHS.

We are searching for Vanda Madam Dinga

So lets just search for Vanda Madam.....the results are positive and plenty

We just scroll down to the one which is pretty certain to be the one we want.

There are 20 hit(s) on vanda madam Click on epithet for more information.

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Regards wellsy


Thanks Steve, Will try to remember your advice. Sometimes the old gray cells are a bit sluggish.
Can the title be changed to the right name please, Thanks.