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Bulbophyllum johnsonii

Bulbophyllum johnsonii Hunt

Subtribe: Bulbophyllinae Section: Micromonanthe Schltr.

Country: Australia

Synonym/s: Bulbophyllum kirkwoodae Hunt
Bulbophyllum whitei Hunt and Rupp

Bulbophyllum johnsonii is found between the Burdekin and Annan rivers in North Qld. Found either as an epiphyte or a lithophyte. It is mostly found in but sometimes outside rainforests in the slighty drier and more open forests at between 600-1200m. Psuedobulbs of this species are small and flattened and are spaced widely apart on long branching rhizomes. The species carries a single thin but leathery leaf which is oval in shape and may flower from once to several times each year at any time of year.

NOTE: Get your magnifying glass out to fully appreciate the beauty of these fabulous little plants!

Bulbophyllum johnsonii

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Agree with Bernard

Excellent photos Wellsy, does justice to these little flowers, love uncluttered backgrounds with sharp images, that way you can rally appreciate the beauty of the flowers.

Well done.


thanks for the compliments

thanks for the compliments guys although these ones are not really that sharp I think.

They are a very difficult subject being so small.

Regards wellsy

Regards wellsy

Australian Bulbo's

Thanks for the info Steve, appreciate your help.



Hi Wellsy- I didn't know that this species existed let alone grew in Australia, I had 19 bulbo's listed for your country, what's the latest tally? I have over the years had a few of your native bulbo spcs and they have had small wrinkled psuedobulbs or fleshy leaves and bulbs matted together. Love the pictures.


bulbos for Australia

I only just noticed this question from you when I was updating this post Bernard.

I was not so sure of the answer so I have done a bit of research and found the answer and posted it here.

Regards wellsy

Regards wellsy