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Making your own Hy-San

Making your own Hy-San

Hy-San is a product used by a few of us to good effect around the shadehouse for various sanitising purposes.

The main difference between Hydrogen Peroxide and Hysan is the addition of Colloidal Silver to the Hydrogen Peroxide.

To make 1 Litre.
970ml Hydrogen Peroxide 12% solution.
30ml Coloidal Silver 16-20ppm (mg/L)

Measure the 30ml of Colloidal Silver and add to the 1L of Hydrogen Peroxide and store in a dark place in a bottle suitable for storing Hydrogen Peroxide (vented cap).

Use as per the instructions here

Hydrogen Peroxide (and products containing Hydrogen Peroxide) is considered to be a hazardous chemical which should always be used carefully.