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Dendrobium Australian Purple Pepper

Dendrobium Australian Purple Pepper

I bought several plants of this hybrid from Wal Upton way back in the mid 1980's. They were then labeled as Dendrobium teretifolium "Black Pam" x Dendrobium linguiforme "Nugentii". These parents are more recently called Dendrobium fuliginosum "Black Pam" and Dendrobium nugentii respectively. This is a slightly manipulated (opened up for the camera) flower of my best clone.

Dendrobium Australian Purple Pepper

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You have stated a bit of a

You have stated a bit of a contradiction.
Per RHS Registry:
Den (linguiforme x teretifolium) = Virginia Jupp
Den (nugentii x fuliginosum) = Australian Purple Pepper

Kew considers D. nugentii a synonym for D. linguiforme var. nugentii
The other three species are accepted as valid.

D. (linguiforme x fuliginosum) = Waverly

I have no idea what the correct name is.




Ok, there is a extra e in I want to see this one sorted out, you have it spot on.



I asked a mate what he thought, below is he's reply.

Rember this is a hybrid.

RHS and Kew don't have to match, they are different bodies.

Wal Upton didn't register the plant in the 80's when West bought it,
registration is by AON 2007.

The correct name of the hybrid as West has submitted it is Australian
Purple Pepper with parentage of fulignosum x nugentii.

Accepted names from Kew can not be applied in this case, it's a hybrid,
RHS is the authority.


The AOS and, I believe, the

The AOS and, I believe, the RHS concede items of taxonomy to the Kew Monocot LIst, thus the rash of changes in Cattleya and Oncidinae names. Given the differences in times of registration, I will concede that there is probably no effect. It is an issue for someone in the future attempting to recreate a hybrid.


D. Australian Purple Pepper

I have listed for auction on eBay a flowering division of this clone, it has just over one day to go to end of auction.

On a much simpler matter,

On a much simpler matter, what does the foliage look like?



westorchid! that makes sense. I think i have bid on a few of your orchids- cannot remember if i have bought any from you however- i bid too often and keep taking my orchid house extension fund into the negative