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Cymbidium Koh-hou

Cymbidium Koh-hou

This is one of the most beautiful of the primary hybrids of Cymbidium. This particular plant is a cross of Cymbidium dayanum and C. ensifolium 'Alba'. Cymbidium Koh-hou strongly resembles the C. dayanum parent in colour and growth habit but has larger, fuller flowers and an upright spike after the C. ensifolium parent. It has a light fragance. Flowers are produced in the autumn and occasionally in spring. Other clones have arching flower spikes and some have creamy or light greenish yellow flowers, some with speckles on the flowers. The plant is compact with shiny, narrow leaves. Easily grown to a specimen in a 6 inch pot.

Cymbidium Koh-hou

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I agree with your sentiments it is a beauty.


Cymbidium Koh-hou

does anyone sell this in australia?

Koh-hou seller

Hello Duncan,

Australian Orchid Nursery was selling Cym. Koh-hou on ebay a while back. It was listed as Cym dayanum x ensifolium. The plants may not be the same as mine as I think he was selling seedlings. He may still have some available.



thanks for that Charles