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Zygoneria Adelaide Meadows

Zygoneria Adelaide Meadows

Zygoneria Adelaide Meadows

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First bloom for this plant

I got this one as a large seedling last year; this was its first bloom from March of this year. I was pleased with it!


Rachael, how do you grow these orchids as well as you do without any cover. Is the weather in the USA just so good for growing orchids, or is it just tender love and care? I think your growing and your pics are great!!!!


The weather in the SF Bay Area is pretty good, but it does rain all winter ... fortunately, the zygos like it and the others deal with it, though when it pours down buckets I do put umbrellas over the oncid/dendro racks! People n doubt think I'm nuts, because even when it's raining, I'm still out watering as my porch/balcony is semi-protected and not everything gets water from rain (I also grow fuchsias, which are water pigs).

Thank you so much for the kind words!