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Bulbophyllum morphologorum

Bulbophyllum morphologorum

Edit as per Bernard's ID.

Have this Bulbophyllum label as Bulb. careyanum but I think it is Bulb. morphologorum going by previous post and discussionon OOL.Can someone confirm my suspicion.

Bulbophyllum morphologorum

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Looks like morphologorum pawpaw.



Thanks bernabu,that's what I thought. Needed confirming.

hard to get a good piccy
Bulb. morphologorum.
Bulb. careyanum

its hard to get a good piccy of careyanum but when looking in a few different books you can notice its a darker flower and is slightly shorter in the spike, with a fatter flower.

not very scientific terms but for 3.33 in the morn :O its pretty good :P

right here

nah morty your looking in the wrong place your best bet is to go to Orchids Online for the best photos of that one....just look at these mate!

  • Bulbophyllum careyanum
  • Regards wellsy

    they are incredible, that

    they are incredible, that second group of photos is just mind blowing. Im building a shadehouse soon to replace my old orchid den so hopefully my bulbos will start to come out better when i can give them free flowing air and sunshine!