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Dendrobium Unknown

Dendrobium Unknown

Listed as Dendrobium Dragon Jade ‘BFC’. ID to be confirmed as per below comments.

Dendrobium Unknown

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dendrobium and dragon

It looks a ppretty good match to me however I dont think it is registered.

Results for a search on dendrobium and dragon on the RHS.


Dragon Eye
Dragon Lady
Golden Dragonfly
King Dragon
King Dragon's Pride
Mini Dragon
Queen Dragon
Red Dragon
Red Dragonfly
White Dragon

Regards wellsy


Has anyone come up with a verification on this one's registration yet?

Regards wellsy

Not registered

Hi Wellsy

I would say its not registered.

Its not Dendrobium Shavin White.
I am on the belief Shavin White as it has light green edges, Mine is one colour.


what should we label this one as here then Jean?

Regards wellsy

I dont think its

I dont think its registered.

Have compared to a few others and its not any of the ones mentioned.

any updates?

any more info anyone?

Regards wellsy

dragon jade

Hi Jean,
I didnt think it was an award, I do know some of the award abbreviations, and could not recall seeing that one. Maybe its the initials of the person who registered the plant?


Looks good

Hi Jean,
That looks like a good match to me, I will wait for others to give their opinion on this one, but I would be happy to label mine Dragon Jade.
One question though, is BFC an award, if so what does it mean.



Hi Davo
I don't think its registered, cant find it anywhere at this stage. The 'BFC' I have no answers for, probably a cultivar name.
This is how my label reads
Dendrobium Dragon Jade ‘BFC’
In Australia our awards are HCC/AOC AM/AOC FCC/AOC etc.


'BFC' maybe the abbreviation of "BANGKOK FLOWERS CENTRE CO.,LTD"