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Dischidia nummularia

Dischidia nummularia

A fantastic plant that is well suited to just 'hanging around' in any orchid collection. In some spots this even becomes a weed on my orchid mounts but who really cares? I don't.

This one is found up north queensland in coastal 'tea tree' swamps (Melaleuca species) growing on the same branches as Dendrobium canaliculatum at times.

Dischidia nummularia

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I have a piece of Dischidia

I have a piece of Dischidia I've yet to identify properly... well, three different Dischidia pieces actually, but this one I was told was the "ant Dischidia", which I assume is Dischidia major, but the leaves really do look more like this one. I'm pretty convinced now the guy I got it from had it wrong.

I'll have to post pics at some point and see if anyone else can confirm IDs on them.

is this what is commonly

is this what is commonly called a "button" orchid?


I think I remember some of the non-orchid people up north calling it that?

Regards wellsy


A lot of people up north do call this plant the button orchid. It likes growing on the paper barks in north Qld. There is a number of species in this family, I have a few but can't get names for them. Most are very interesting will try and get some photos of mine tomorrow and show you.


I'll look forward to that. Have you ever had the 'Ant Plant' Eric.

I used to grow that but it went where all the best plants go.

Regards wellsy

Oh boy

You and your weeds Steve. You must have a dense bush of weeds in your yard.

appreciate your weeds

You gotta appreciate your weeds mate! Without them you are doing something wrong I reckon.

Yes I like to have my shed looking like a forest if I can manage it.

Regards wellsy

Ant plant and forest

I help a friend collect a few some years back when I had just started growing orchids but had a lot of foliage. I decide not to grow an ant plant after carrying out a few in a bag on my back. All I can say is I was glad they weren't as big as a lion. All they are is a set of teeth on legs and they weren't going to bite me again.
I must have jungle in mine snakes and all sorts of other things are found there.

comedy capers

I can see it now Eric...comedy capers!

My mate bought my one (ant plant) back from the Cape...Iron Range or somewhere like that I think? He had the forethought to remove the ants first.

Regards wellsy


Hey, I was new at this at the time. I wasn't to happy but mt mate ( He still is) had a good laugh, he knew what was coming.It happen to him the first also.