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Bulbophyllum ustusfortiter

Bulbophyllum ustusfortiter

Section Vesicisepalum; Distribution PNG, Southern Highlands Province; found as an epiphyte in disturbed rainforest; altitude 900m. The name refers to the very dark flowers: the Latin 'ustusfortiter' meaning 'heavily burnt'.

The sepals are joined together forming a roundish tube with an opening at the front. Inflorescences, many together on a short sympodium. A very unusual and interesting flower with a papery bract at the base.
Shall post a side view, also I had to cut the flower open to see the inside, have attached an image of this view.

Bulbophyllum ustusfortiter

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Hi bernabu, love this one, weird. That's why I love the Bulbos. You never know what sort of flower you are going to see the next time you flower a new species.


Thanks pawpaw, this plant is struggling at the moment, I thought it had expired but kept it to one side, there are signs of a small leaf emerging, fingers crossed.


in the flesh

here here pawpaw....I totally agree. They are guaranteed to please each time you flower a new one.

All the new Bulbo photos which appear here are almost as good as in the flesh so now I get even more pleasure!

Regards wellsy