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Cattleya Claesiana

Cattleya Claesiana

Originally submitted as Cattleya intermedia 'maria faceira'. ID now confirmed as per below discussion.

Like a lot of plants I have come by. This plant seems to labelled incorrectly.
Horst has posted this one recently.

The question for me was whether this plant is even Cattleya intermedia?
Thanks to Horst for answering that with the current name.

Cattleya Claesiana

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Yellow throat

The yellow throat doesn't exist in the Cattleya intermedia world.
Some commercial growers and some amateurs hybridize Cattleya loddigesii with Cattleya intermedia in an attempt to get better shaped Cattleya intermedia like flowers.

A hybrid like this will have a certain percentage of flowers like yours where the characteristics of C. loddigesii is evident. In an other percentage from the offspring the C. loddigesii characteristics will be hidden.

Some do it, specially the amateurs, in an attempt to cheat and gain fame with exceptional good shaped C. intermedia flowers.
Some do it to get the hybrid Cattleya Claesiana (C. intermedia x C. loddigesii).
Some take a C. Claesiana with no C. loddigesii characteristics thinking it is a C. intermedia and cross it with C. intermedia.
But the C. loddigesii characteristics will show up again on a certain percentage of plants from the offspring.

I am sorry, but your plant is typical example of C. Claesiana.
The lip shows the yellow throat and the narrow frontal lobe of C. loddigesii.
The petals and sepals show the colors of a C. intermedia species type variety.


Don't be sorry Horst. It's just great to get things like this sorted out.

I think it is always best to know what you really have.

It's so good to have people on hand who are so knowledgeable and prepared to pass their knowledge on to the rest of us.

Regards wellsy