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Bulbophyllum orectopetalum

Distribution: Indo-China and Borneo, nice compact single 2" flowers.

Bulbophyllum orectopetalum

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Bulb. orectopetalum

Hi Bernard,just love all the photos of Bulbophyllums you post. This one I haven't got as most of the ones you have posted.Is this yours? I noticed that the plant has been attached with, it looks like fishing line. I have use this also but I find it breaks down fairly quickly in my climate. I now and have for awhile use pantyhose cutting it across you get different lengths, it stretches and you can tie fairly tight and lasts a long time after the plant has rooted to the mount.
Just a thought if you don,t know who to leave your Bulbos to when you stop growing orchids I am offering a good home in my shadehouse for them. Wishful thinking maybe.
Love your Bulbos.


Lovely photo of a very nice species Bernard!

Regards wellsy


Yes pawpaw, this is one of my collection. In 2005 I exchanged some live material of various B.lobbii varieties with a Ph.D student G.Hochschartner (thesis on B.lobbii) at the University Botanical Gardens of Munich. B.orectopetalum was one of eight species I received in return from Munich. Over the years I have used different materials for fastening plants to mounts, including strips from nylon stockings. Currently I'm using very fine green-coloured wire (obtained from fine art shops), this is strong also very durable and looks better on the plant.