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Dendrobium Yukidaruma

This is Dendrobium Yukidaruma 'King'

Dendrobium Yukidaruma

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Yukidaruma king

Hi Pawpaw, glad you posted this, I have one in the bushhouse yet to flower, but the name is spelt wrong on the label, assuming yours is spelt correctly I will change my label to suit. Mine is spelt Yukindarama, which would explain why I could not find any reference to it on kew site or www.


Dendrobium Yukidaruma King

Hi Davo,
I am not sure were you live but if the Softcane not flower well there is a good reason for it, if you like to know, please e-mail me and I will send you instructions I got a few years ago from members in my society that cleaned up the prices in Sydney and up were I live for their Softcane Dendrobiums. Well it worked for me, no keikies and lots of flowers. (I get the odd one but not many)


I had this one many years ago, when it grew too large I passed it on. It always gave a good display, yours also looks very floriferous.