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Bulbophyllum macrobulbon

Bulbophyllum macrobulbon seedpod

I've managed to pollinate 2 flowers on my B. macrobulbon this one is 9 days old. Here is hoping that they will go the distance of 45 weeks.

Bulbophyllum macrobulbon

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seed pod

pawpaw, Congratulations, I wonder how many babies you will have to deal with?



bernabu, what is the old saying...Don't count your chickens before they hatch...I'm hoping to start a poultry farm


Put me down for a flask if all goes well pawpaw!

Regards wellsy


You are on the list

pollinated by flies

Thanks...can't wait!

Hey pawpaw....do you know how many weeks it takes for fletcherianum pods to mature?

I have a couple of pods which formed after being pollinated by flies when they were in flower a while back.

Regards wellsy

Maturing times

Steve, I don't really know for sure but I would say it would be the same as Bulbophyllum macrobulbon. They both belong to Section...Macrobulbon. I've never had any experience with Section ...Macrobulbon seed pod harvesting but I have read 2 articles stating that B. macrobulbon at 45 weeks had viable seed. I will be keeping an eye on my pods from around 30 weeks just in case.Maybe one of the members of OOL has an idea on how long B fletcherianum takes.

Update on pod

Just updating on the two pods I put on Bulb. macrobulbon. Kept a close eye on them from 30 weeks one had already fallen off by then so was left with one.I nearly miss the one that was left because at 40 weeks I noticed that it had started to split.We had a lot of dry weather ( Really unusual for us at this time of the year) I did manage to collect a fair amount of the dry seed and have sent it away but haven't checked to see what it is doing if anything. Will let you know when I do.


Can wait to here of the outcome!


Bulbo pods

Hi Guys

Most Bulbo pods are mature for green pod methods for seed sowing with in 2 to 3 months . Its pretty much when they are plump enough for this method. Seed stays sterile .

I hope this helps .



It might take quite a while as these are very slow growers.

Chook farm

It's anywhere between 4 to 6 months Eric, similar to Dendrobium.


I beg to differ

In the main green pod harvest times for Bulbophyllum has been stated as 140-180 days.I have 2 examples that differ ( from personal experience) Bulbophyllum occlusum 119 days, this Bulbo I have pollinated 2 years running and both times the seed was viable resulting in germination. The second is Bulbophyllum lobbii also pollinated twice over 3 years. The first pod I harvested at 9 months and the second pod I let it go until 13 months. This pod was still green and on sending it away it germinated.
I know for a fact that a friend of mine harvested a pod of Bulbophyllum macrobulbon at 5 months and the seed was not viable. As I mention before I have read 2 articles on B. macrobulbon and both indicated green pod culture and viable seed occurred at 45 weeks.
This why it is always best to do at least 2 pods on a plant so that you have a back up pod.
If anyone is interested in pod harvest times there is a good site that you might try.
http://members.iinet.net.au/~barryg/Orchid_Seed.htm or you could try
Barry's Orchid Page Both will take you to the same site. It also has some good links.