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Bulbophyllum lyriforme

Bulbophyllum lyriforme

Bought this plant as Bulbophyllum lyriforme. This is the first it has flowered for me. The flowers dont open much more than this. I can't find any mention of this name anywhere can someone verify or shed some light on the name.

Bulbophyllum lyriforme

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The 2nd link I posted doesnt seem to open . Here is what it says -

"Title: New species and new records of Southeast Asian Bulbophyllum (Orchidaceae).
Personal Authors: Vermeulen, J. J., O'Byrne, P.
Author Affiliation: Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore 259569, Singapore.
Editors: No editors
Document Title: Gardens' Bulletin (Singapore)

Seventeen new species of Bulbophyllum are described: B. tectipes sp. nov. (sect. Aphanobulbon, from Sulawesi), B. pseudopelma sp. nov. and B. simplex sp. nov. (both sect. Desmosanthes, from Sulawesi), B. flavorubellum sp. nov. (sect. Desmosanthes, from Sabah), B. decurrentilobum sp. nov. and B. iterans sp. nov. (both sect. Hybochilus, from Sulawesi), B. furcillatum sp. nov. (sect. Hybochilus, from Sumatra), B. anisopterum sp. nov. (sect. Monilibulbus, from Sabah), B. anakbaruppui sp. nov. and B. illecebrum sp. nov. (both sect. Osyricera, from Sulawesi), B. uncinatum sp. nov. (sect.Polyblepharon, from Sulawesi), B. catillus sp. nov., B. lyriforme sp. nov. and B. sinapis sp. nov. (sect. Sestochilus, all from Papua New Guinea), B. coweniorum sp. nov. (sect. Sestochilus, from Laos), B. incisilabrum sp. nov. (sect. Sestochilus, from Sulawesi), and B. turpis sp. nov. (sect. Sestochilus, from Peninsular Malaysia). Bulbophyllum plumatum and B. spissum are newly recorded for Peninsular Malaysia.

Publisher: Singapore Botanic Gardens".

Bulbophyllum lyriforme


Not familiar with this one pawpaw, but it looks like it's from section Stenochilus.
B.baileyi and B.emiliorum are also from this section. I probably have a paper on this somewhere.