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Thunia alba var. alba | Orchids Online
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Thunia alba var. alba

Thunia alba var. alba

Originally submitted as Unknown orchid. Name edit as per discussion below.

I have been trying to find out the name of this orchid I have had it for 5 years now and it finally flowered at the beginning of December 08. I've been told it is called Burmese Orchid but I cannot find anything like it on the net. Its leaves are not fleshy/juicy like normal orchid leaves. It has more of a sugar cane like appearance. It dies back a bit in winter and multiplies easily with the air cuttings that grow on the older canes.
It had 2 flowers that measured around 3 to 3 1/2 inches across, the flowers only lasted around 10 days.

Thankyou all for the excellent information, I am convinced that this is the marshalliana variety


Thunia alba var. alba

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More Thunia for sale?

I use to have a few of these, but left my parents tending my collection (VERY bad move). They were excellent growers, hard to kill (except for experts like my parents) and very rewarding flowers.

I'd love to get as many as I can get my hands on. Do you have any left, 18 months on?




Hi Matthew,
I know Burbank Orchids have quite a few Thunia's in stock, well they did last time I was in there. May be worth giving them a call. Have you tried your local nursery, Aranbeem Orchids.


This is definetely not

This is definetely not XGattonense or brymeriana. Looks like marshalliana to me


Thunia sp

This is a Thunia I believe but I am not certain which one.

Others may like to assist?

Regards wellsy


I believe that this one could be T. brymeriana from Burma or the hybrid T.Gattonensis Adagent


Thunia marshalliana aka Thunia alba var alba

Thunia marshalliana (Thunia alba var alba by the monocot list) .

Refer to the image of the one i have posted and Voix109 .

The deep orange / yellow lip is the key give away. Is the lip furry looking or teeth like in nepenthes term's ( yellow section) ?

Did you purchase this plant in NSW ? As far as i know there is only two sources for this species in NSW.


Thunia alba (marshalliana)

The photo is very similar to Thunia alba (marshalliana). Hybrids are very rare in this country.


I think we should name this one Thunia alba var. alba as per the Monocot List and stop looking at the name as a colour.



It may help if I give the accepted description of Thunia alba.
Stems erect, 60-70cm tall, covered with bracts at the base and with sheathing leaves, oblong to lanceolate, acute, glaucous green, 15-25cm long.
Inflorescence with 5-12 pendant flowers, 100-120mm long, which do not open widely.
Flowers orange-scented and variable in colour, particularly the crests on the lip. Sepals and petals white, subsimilar, 55-60mm long, oblong-lanceolate, acute.
Lip white with yellow, orange or purple crests, 40-45mm long, 35-40mm wide, clasping the column at the base, toothed and fringed at the apex, column about 20mm long.
Flowers open in July and August.
Distribution: Northern India, Myanmar (Burma), China (Yunnan), Malaysia and Thailand.
Hope this helps