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Sarcochilus ceciliae

Sarcochilus ceciliae

I used to have a lot of difficulty in growing Sarcochilus ceciliae. Over the years I've had countless S ceciliae die on me until I adopted my current successfull formula: potting mix of 7mm scoria on it's own (absolutly no bark!)and preferably in terracota pot or saucer and grown quite dry under shadecloth.

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Sarcochilus ceciliae

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another outstanding post

my vote also goes for this one....exceptional for sure

Regards wellsy

Have you tried this method of

Have you tried this method of other sarcochilus? What do you mean by grown quite dry? Have 6 of these and have been told to keep moist and mist often during summer. Mind are grown in bark and look nothing like yours. That is fantastic.DO you still feed it? Sorry about all the questions but your plant is GREAT.

Other Sarcochilus like

Other Sarcochilus like S.hartmannii, S.fitzgeraldii and their many hybrids usually do quite well in conventional orchid potting mixes. But I'm experimenting on a small scale growing these in scoria also. At this stage it's too early to come to any conclusions.

By "grown quite dry" I mean that, in Melbourne, I water all my orchids only once a week in the warm part of the year and less in cooler times.

I would like to feed my orchids more often but I only get around to it once or twice a year with soluble fertiliser only. I have tried various solid and "slow" release fertilisers but have never achived good results and in a few cases with only unfortunate results.

Thanks West if you dont mind

Thanks West if you dont mind keep me posted with your results. Am going to try the scoria on one of mine and see what happens.

S. ceciliae colour variation

S. ceciliae are mostly pink but they do come in purple, all white and shades between. see second attacment just added

Thank you

That is a fantastic display! Thank you for sharing your growing tips for this lovely species.

aussie sarc's

You are dead right Tom....this is a fantastic display. One to be proud of for sure!

These should be much more widely grown but for some reason they are not so often seen as the other well known aussie sarc's.

Regards wellsy

Shareing info re growing methods

Although I'm obviously very happy with this orchid, the main objective was to show and tell other growers how this was achieved. Just in case it may be considered a fluke, I'll try to attach a photo of another S. ceciliae growing first in a smaller clay pot and then "potted on" into a terracota saucer, but this time with just pebbles as the medium. The roots just go for the clay pot as well as the terracota.