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Bulbophyllum macrobulbon

Bulbophyllum macrobulbon

Plant to bud stage. I will post updates as the buds progress
This is a pretty rare plant.
The last photo is of a second set of buds.
Has 4 sets all up.

Stay tuned!

Bulbophyllum macrobulbon

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potting technique?

Awesome plant pawpaw!
If you don't mind me asking....What is your potting technique? It looks to be in a very large pot but I guess you are planning for the future with this one hey?

Regards wellsy

Pot size

Steve it is in a 12 inch port pot and was originally planted in the middle but has now gone to the edge and starting to go over it. I think I will leave it go over the edge,as I think macrobulbon section seem to do better when they hang over. Causes a problem when you want to repot though. This plant is in a mix of equal parts of quincan gravel ( volcanic rock ), charcol and bark. I do use this mix sometimes for some plants straying from my normal mix of sphagnum moss and perlite

how long in this pot

Thanks pawpaw....I was thinking this was a fair bit bigger than a 12 inch pot for some reason. I know what you mean about problems caused by them growing over the side but like you I reckon bulbos seem happiest when they get out over the edge of their container. How long has this plant been in this pot?

Regards wellsy

Time in pot

Around 4 years.

4 of a Kind

Steve please look at the Bulbophyllum section and there are 4 photos of this.


Can't wait to see this one pawpaw.



pawpaw, awesome, congratulations, I've only ever seen this species flowering in an herbarium and extensive orchid collection in Holland.
This species was the first described in 1910 by J.J.Smith and is the type for the section Macrobulbum. Easily recognised with the distinctive undulate edges to the petals and the lateral sepals are united by their lower margins. I have one of these, hopefully up to flowering size. I shall be looking at it with more interest for those illusive buds.