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Sarcochilus dilatatus

Sarcochilus dilatatus

This flowers for me in December in Melbourne

Sarcochilus dilatatus

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Hi Alex , I noticed you have this mounted twice , once on cork & the other on twig . Is this a method easier than pot culture for this specie ? .Had one for about 3 years & flowered it twice but has since faded away . Always trying to improve my growing methods with Aussie species.

This sarcochilus is mounted

This sarcochilus is mounted on a bit of paperbark branch and the roots have taken to the paperbark quite well. For the purpose of photographing it I happen to have hung the mount on a treated pine post forming part of the shade house. I don't have a lot of success with cork and S dilatatus is alltogether unsuitable for pot culture! Also, I was told that S dilatatus naturally occure in dry scrubby country. This gives me a good hint as to how to grow it.