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Dendrobium striolatum

Dendrobium striolatum 'Neville' x 'Red Back'

Dendrobium striolatum

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Interesting way of growing it. Certainly looks pretty happy. The flowers look quite similar to D. banksii.

This plant is growing in

This plant is growing in straight medium grade Perlite, no additives, but with sand topping to hold the Perlite down. I find that D. striolata likes it a bit on the wet side, but when a bark mix is kept wet it tends to go acidic causing plant root rot.

I find that orchids that like it a bit wetter such as Masdevallia, Coelogyne and some Dendrobium (including D speciosum) do well for me in Perlite. I only water once a week in the warmer time of the year and less in cooler times.

This clone is a seedling from Down Under Orchids and is a line bred from two Wattagan type D striolata

epiphytes or lithophytes

Sounds and looks like a very good system Alex.

Are these epiphytes or lithophytes in their habitat do you know?

Regards wellsy

I have only ever seen D.

I have only ever seen D. striolata growing on rocks. The roots form a dense matt which traps a lot of dirt, dust and decomposed leaf litter. It look like they grow in a thin layer of mud while adhering to a vertical, horizontal or inclined face of rock.


I have not heard of Dendrobium banksii before Kris....
Where have you seen that one?

Regards wellsy

Den banksii

The flowers are bigger than striolatum with vivid stripes and large lip.

Left pic is banksii, right is striolata.
Photo from Hills District

unplaced name

Dockrillia banksii D.L.Jones & M.A.Clem., Austral. Orchid Rev. 20: 17 (2005).
This name is unplaced.

Regards wellsy