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Cattleya Bertheauana

Cattleya Bertheauana

For this cross a friend used a Cattleya schilleriana coerulea and Cattleya intermedia coerulea "Blue Rhapsody".
"Blue Rhapsody" is an aquinii coerulea variety. This specific plant got the veins on the lip and on the petals from Cattleya schilleriana and the petals shape from the Cattleya intermedia aquinii. When he made this cross he had exactly this picture as the result in mind.

Cattleya Bertheauana

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Correct spelling

The correct plant name is Cattleya Bertheauana and not Cattleya Bertheuana.

Great Flower!

Congratulations to you Horst for supplying this wonderful photo, and to your friend for remaking this primary hybrid using two outstanding parents!
Is there any chance of maybe getting some plants and/flasks to Australia? And when did your friend actually do the remake, and when did it first flower?

Now that's special

This is what I call a nice Catt. Horst.

Absolutely brilliant!!!!


Let's rock and roll

Thank you.
Brilliant, thanks to my friend and teacher Aldomar Sander.

If you (I mean all of you) had all pollen you can imagine available. With what hybrid or species you would pollinate this flower? Or for what hybrid or species you would use the pollen of this plant?