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Cattleya loddigesii

Cattleya loddigesii Lindl. 1826

Synonyms: Cattleya arembergii Scheidw. 1843
Cattleya obrieniana Rolfe 1889
Cattleya ovata Lindley 1838
Epidendrum canaliculatum Vell. 1825
Epidendrum harrisoniae Rchb.f
Epidendrum loddigesii Rchb.f 1861
Epidendrum violaceum Lodd. 1819

Distribution: Brazil Can be found in the states of São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Parana and Rio de Janeiro.

Classification: *SubTribe: Laeliinae?*Genus: Cattleya?*Specie: loddigesii

The Cattleya loddigesii species type form is a concolor variety in other Cattleya species.
The color is light to medium pink on the petals and sepals. Some have a large number of small speckles, considered a variety named 'punctata'. Most have only few speckles or are totally without speckles, which is considered the species type form. The outside of the lip and the front lobe have the same color as the sepals and petals. The colors inside of the tube are light cream or pale yellow. The frontal lobe is small compared to other Cattleya species, and most look like a ruffled little girl's skirt.

Cattleya loddigesii

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